S-Specialise in providing quality, effective  and environmentally friendly pest control services aimed at protecting  our customer’s property whilst promoting a healthy living environment.


A-Authorised Operator for the Australian Termite Baiting Technology, USA Bird Control Technology and certified ISO 9001:2008 Management.


M-Maintain quality after sales service, research and development, highly trained personnel and general pest control services.


Termite Control

They can destroy valuable documents, cause electrical short-circuits and consequently fires. Ceiling, roof rafters, window/door frames, timber floors and wall panels.

Rats & Mice Control

They are disease-carrying pests which live and breed in highly unhygienic conditions such as sewers and garbage dumps, and are a treat  to our health.

Ants Control

They feed on a variety of food. In fact anything edible including septic dressings, soiled linen and excrement, thus posing a health risk.

Flies Control

Flies spread disease-causing organism (pathogen) by carrying them on their mouthparts, body hairs and sticky fee pads.

Mosquitoes Control

They carry diseases which can cause death if untreated, such as Malaria, Dengue Haemorrhage Fever and Japanese B Encephalitis.

Bed Bug Control

Some people may lose sleep due to entomophobia (fear of bug). The main clues of an infestation will be the presence of  blood stains, reddish fecal spots.

Cockroaches Control

Being disease-carrying pests, they pose a grave threat to our health-capable of spreading diseases such as dysentery, diphtheria, typhoid.

Bird & Lizard Control

Birds can spread germs to people, illness caused by touching or owning bird. Lizards are widespread group of squamate reptile.


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